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Short solution: Just merge S/Mileage into Morning Musume. Quick and easy, no 9th gen auditions necessary. I've always maintained that Sakichi is a huge talent. Better yet, push up a couple of Berryz and C-ute vets into Morning Musume, and slip the S/mileage lasses into those groups. Hmm? The only surprising thing is that the whole band isn't graduating (see my forecast post on that one). As for the Pandas,a s talented as LinLin is, they simply never meshed the way I thought they would. Anyway, solid report, CK.


I doubt they will be able to push anyone from Berryz or C-ute into Momusu without the fans and members going batshit crazy. They are simply too established as individual groups, each with their own history (S/mileage is somewhat plausible though).

Momusu has been fading slowly into irrelevance for a while now, so it's no surprise if the Pandas decided to bail. After all, they were originally brought in as part of the grand plan to expand into Asia, which ultimately failed. Their staying in a foreign culture singing in a foreign language is, in my opinion, detrimental both to them and the group.

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